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A collection of items customized with old Ranchy cows - the story tellers of the herd. The ones that raised a few extra calves, or will take you in the ally if you aren’t on your A game, that ole girl that’s had a name since she stepped on the place because of……, the big brockle face with crooked horns that you or so and so wants to have mounted to stay there forever. If you’ve spent anytime around cows, we all have our markers. You can see them from a mile away, know their full story by heart, and they’re always the ones you look for first - every time.

The Nan’s, Frans, Maggie’s, Masky or That Crazy B****.  The Marker Herd. 

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  • Hereford Da’ Bevies - Steel Slim Can Koozie
    Hereford Da’ Bevies - Steel Slim Can Koozie
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